Decorative accessories and more

Decorative accessories and more – everything that you can come up with using our fabrics and not only fabrics, we will have the capabilities and skills to create it. Our role does not end with sewing curtains or installing curtain rods. Often, it is necessary to compose matching pillows, a cover, tablecloths, chair covers or placemats, look for matching fringes for curtains, choose a carpet. I have listed our classic services, and everything I have not mentioned is a matter of conversation with you and our possibilities. We invite you to arrange a visit to our store, where you will not only have your window decorations sewn but also receive many practical tips based on our many years of experience.

Aneta Zawieruszek

At Liść Gallery

We sew with decorative materials to individual orders

We advise and measure at the client’s home (paid service, but the cost of the service is refunded when placing an order). At our gallery, you can not only buy fabric but also complete the service comprehensively: we choose, plan, make an offer, sew, install, and hang. We invite you to our gallery for detailed information.

We invite you

to our Gallery for detailed information

Aneta zawieruszek