Decorative blinds

Roman blinds

They fit every type of interior. After folding, each subsequent fold hides under the previous one, which makes them take up little space when fully folded. They are a beautiful decoration in every room. They can be sewn in different ways, so it is worth seeking the advice of a specialist before deciding how they should be sewn, where and how they will be installed.

Austrian blinds

Austrian blinds introduce a touch of elegance to the interior, reminiscent of beautifully decorated windows in mansions. Anyone who likes a bit of luxury will love the folds and richly draped fabric on the window. This window decoration requires more material than, for example, a Roman blind, but this significantly affects the final effect.

Oferta wzorów rolet szytych z materiałów dekoracyjnych na zamówienie jest bardzo bogata i nie ma końca. Zapraszamy do Liścia, a wspólnie wymyślimy projekt rolety

dla Państwa.

Roller blinds

The variety of fabrics in roller blinds will pleasantly surprise you. This is the perfect solution for office spaces, but roller blinds also decorate many residential interiors and work perfectly there. We can order a cover for roller blinds that will also be a decoration for the interior.

Cassette blinds

This is nothing more than a roller blind additionally placed in a cassette. Additionally, we can use guides that hold the blind close to the window when the window is open. A particularly recommended solution for mounting on a window frame.

Duolight blinds

This is a solution for people who want to cover their windows in a simple way
without significant investments. Using one product, we can either cover the window or have a net curtain effect in stripes, depending on our needs.

Roof blinds

They are designed for roof windows. Remember that these blinds can be operated
not only manually but also electrically, which is especially important when our roof windows are at a height.

At Liść Gallery

We sew from decorative materials on individual orders.

We advise and measure at the client’s home (paid service, but the cost of the service is refunded when placing an order). At our gallery, you can not only buy fabric but also complete the service comprehensively: we choose, plan, make an offer, sew, install, and hang. We invite you to our gallery for detailed information.

We invite you

to our Gallery for detailed information

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