Our services


We help to choose fabrics for interiors, then present a proposal for sewing and the entire composition of hanging decorations.


We sew with our heart at every stage, and if the client wishes, they can participate in the sewing process. This is not wholesale sewing, but individual, time-consuming work for each client. Some of our clients have been with us since the beginning, since 2001. We would like you to stay with us for longer too.


Do you want to cover an old chair, revive a sofa to make it look like new, change the fabric, fill the foam, choose a new upholstery fabric? Our upholsterers work wonders.


When you are satisfied that you have found and chosen your dream decorations, and we have sewn them, you can order the installation and hanging service, which means that when you enter your home, you can already enjoy the final effect.


We take care of your curtains after they are made: we remove them, send them to the laundry, and hang them back up. This service is only available to Leaf Gallery customers.
Some fabrics may shrink despite proper washing, so any adjustments to the height of curtains and drapes are an additional paid service.

At Liść Gallery

We sew with decorative materials to individual orders

We advise and measure at the client’s home (paid service, but the cost of the service is refunded when placing an order). At our gallery, you can not only buy fabric but also complete the service comprehensively: we choose, plan, make an offer, sew, install, and hang. We invite you to our gallery for detailed information.

We invite you

to our Gallery for detailed information

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