System for hanging window decorations

Internal systems

We are a representative of the company Forest Polska and offer the following:
Functional systems for bent rails: KS, CKS, DS., DSXL, CS, CCS
Modern electric curtain rails with 24 V and 230 V drive: FMS and Forest SHUTTLE
Ability to control curtains with a remote control, smartphone, and tablet
Parts for fabric fastening systems with hooks or loops
Buesche rails – exclusive made-to-order rails.


We offer a wide selection of rails:

  • Polish company Zegar – very good quality products at attractive prices.
  • Rails from the German company Buesche – exclusive made-to-order rails. Rails from the German company Intersteel.
  • Rails from the Italian company Scalioni – a very wide range of products at attractive prices.

systemy zewnętrzne

Facade blinds

These are external blinds attached to the outside of the building’s façade. They have the option of manual or automatic control. The main element of the facade blinds are horizontal aluminum slats of various shapes and widths of 65 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm and 90 mm. The slats can be raised and lowered, and the angle of setting can be changed, which allows you to regulate the access of light and heat to the interior of the rooms. They are a perfect solution for interiors where there is not enough space for window decorations inside the apartment.

Mosquito nets

These are commonly known nets that we install in window and door openings, which are to limit the access of flying insects and other bugs to the entrance to our house.

At Liść Gallery

We sew with decorative materials to individual orders

We advise and measure at the client’s home (paid service, but the cost of the service is refunded when placing an order). At our gallery, you can not only buy fabric but also complete the service comprehensively: we choose, plan, make an offer, sew, install, and hang. We invite you to our gallery for detailed information.

We invite you

to our Gallery for detailed information

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